(originally published on October 13, 2016)

In future posts, I’ll be addressing the biblical issues of headship, mutual submission, obedience to authority, role responsibilities in marriage, how to select the right godly spouse, etc.

For today, know the following:

1. Anything with no head is dead.

2. Anything with the wrong head is a freak.

3. Anything with two heads is a monster.

I sincerely hope your marriage is not dead, freakish, or a monstrosity. If you are functioning by faith according to God’s Word, it should not be.

However, if your marriage is dead, freakish, or a monstrosity, ask God how YOU need to change according to the Bible, in order to glorify God and help the situation be more godly. You can only control and change YOU by God’s grace. God has not given YOU the right or power to fix your spouse, though they might need it.

The way YOU respond to the issues of life, including marital issues, is the real issue for YOU as far as God is concerned. Your obedience to God is never dependent on the obedience, or lack thereof, of your spouse. So obey God!

–Pastor Jeff