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Are you new here? Great! Thanks for taking the time to discover the fellowship of South Creek Church (SCC). SCC is a Reformed, Southern Baptist fellowship committed to loving God, loving his word, and loving people.

You may be asking yourself, “Who and what is South Creek Church?”

We are not a perfect people, but are being perfected by and through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and his redemptive work on the cross. We are unashamed of this truth and boldly proclaim it, knowing it is foolishness to the world, but to those of us who were dying in our sins, it is the power to save.

What does the fellowship of SCC look like? On any given Sunday you will find that we look like you. We are families both large and small. We are married. We are valued singles. We are young and we are seasoned. We are folks with full houses and we are empty nesters. We are white collar, blue collar, pink collar and every collar in between. We are every shade of skin color and love every nation, tribe, and tongue.

We have a “come as you are” approach, where most people wear the clothes they would wear on any given day of the week. On Sunday morning you can find the Elders/Pastors of SCC dressed in their favorite jeans and tee shirt. Modesty is the biblical principle we live by.

We have small groups for every age and every stage of life. Community is fostered and nurtured in these settings as we learn of God and discover how to practically apply his truth in our lives.

We have a contemporary flare to our worship service. It’s not a rock concert and it’s certainly not a funeral march. It’s joyful and it’s celebratory. It’s sobering and it’s reverent. It’s hands lifted high and it’s heads bowing low. We use every acceptable, biblical expression of worship. Paying close attention that the words we sing and the words we preach are in lock step with the truth we read in the word of God, the Bible.

We adhere to the expositional teaching of the Word. We do this word for word and verse by verse, never engaging in a “cafeteria style” approach to the Truth. The Bible is inerrant, infallible, and sufficient for all faith and practice. It needs no additions, subtractions, or corrections. It is perfect and powerful.

We are sinners turned into saints by the One who makes all things new. Jesus Christ the Lord! Our fellowship is united in purpose. South Creek exists to glorify God by leading people to obey his Word.We want to welcome you to spend time with us this Sunday morning and discover what makes us a uniquely local expression of the body of Christ. Please continue to explore our website and learn what makes South Creek a great place to come and worship the God of all grace.

The Leadership and Membership of South Creek Church


Total Depravity

This doctrine affirms the complete corruption of mankind.  Every aspect of man is affected through the fall of Adam and his rebellion towards God.  No one is capable of pleasing God through their own natural ability.  Not only is man incapable of pleasing God, but apart from God’s effectual grace, no man even has the desire to please Him.  Since all sinned in Adam, mankind’s federal head, all are born in sin and none are innocent.  All carry the burden of Adam’s guilt, since all are in Adam.  Everyone who comes after Adam is deserving of the wrath and punishment of a Holy, Righteous God.

Unconditional Election

The Scriptures tell us, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”.  Mankind is completely incapable of initiating his own salvation apart from Christ.  Our election (salvation) is unconditional.  Man can do nothing to merit his salvation.  God’s election of mankind is based on His own good pleasure, desire, and glory.  This election was accomplished before the foundations of the world.

Limited Atonement

Since salvation is based solely on the desire and will of God, and not on the will of man, and since God unconditionally elects those He saves, while condemning others, the atonement is logically therefore limited to those He elects. God is absolutely sovereign, accomplishing salvation according to His will and power, and not the will and power of man. Therefore, when Christ dies for sin, He dies only for the sins of the elect. Logically, He would not redeem those He has chosen for wrath, but only those He has chosen for eternal life. The atonement is efficacious or totally powerful to save those whom God has elected.

Irresistible Grace

Since the elect are saved according to the good pleasure of God alone, not on the basis of their own merit or choosing; and since God effects this through the atonement which is achieved for the elect alone, God must therefore initiate salvation in the lives of the elect. God accomplishes this through His grace. God initiates salvation by working on the spiritual deadness of a person’s heart and soul, bringing to life the desire to know Him, and as a result, that person responds to God. No one seeks after God and no one rejects God’s effectual grace as His spirit works upon their heart. One may initially resist God’s grace as He allows; however, by His determining that resistance will be overcome converting the soul.

Perseverance of the Saints

Salvation, initiated and secured by Christ, rooted in the absolute sovereignty and power of God, is guaranteed to the end. In the eternal security of God’s grace, the elect will experience the understanding of his own assurance of salvation. Nothing or no one can prevent Christ from eternally saving those whom He chooses.








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3145 West Republic Road, Springfield MO. 65807

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3145 West Republic Road  Springfield, MO 65807


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