(originally published on October 19, 2016)

As a practical note of wisdom, if your marriage has problems or is on the rocks, don’t give other people marriage advice.

You will be held at higher level of accountability for what you tell (i.e., teach) them (James 3:1). You need to make sure that what you counsel or advise someone else to do is first biblically correct, and second, is working in your own life before you export it to others.

On the other hand, never be foolish enough to take marital advice from someone else who has marriage problems.

Keep in mind, if they genuinely knew and really believed what the answers were, they would be applying their counsel to their own life in order to end the misery in their own marriage (Job 21:16; Prov. 12:5). Look for advice and counsel from people with super godly, biblically sound, marriages. If you want to be an “A” student, run with “A” students. It’s that simple.

Remember, you only truly believe the parts of the Bible you’re willing to obey, because true faith follows and obeys (John 3:36; John 10:26-28; Heb. 11:8). That is its nature.

–Pastor Jeff